Questions and Answers About Bail Bonds In Connecticut

Need to bail someone out of jail? Do you need realistic financing options? If you have someone accused of crime in Connecticut and you need flexible payment options to purchase a bail bond. At CtBailInfo.com, you will find a bondsman in Connecticut, 24 hours a day (including holidays), for bail bond service with simple, easy payment plan options with 0% interest.

Use the simple 3 steps form below to calculate your bail bond payment options or call 860-424-7000 and speak to bondsman now to arrange bail payment options that is right for you. Get your loved one out of jail. Delayed justice is denied justice!

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Q: What is A Bail Bond?

A: Monetary obligation, that judicial system uses to insure defendant’s court appearances. A bail bondsman can assume this monetary obligation on behalf of the defendant. For a set fee or premium a bail bond can be purchased from a bail bondman through a civil agreement.

Q: What is A Bail Bondsman?

A: A bail bondsman is a person who is authorized, through licensure from Connecticut Insurance Department, to provide bail bonds.

Q: What is Needed To Get A Bail Bond?

A: You will need:

  1. Premium
  2. Cosigner(s)
  3. May be collateral

Q: What is Premium?

A: Premium is the state regulated fee that the consumer pays to purchase a bail bond. Use the bond premium calculator.

Q: What is Collateral?

A: Collateral is a form of asset, such as real estate or cash, that bail bondsman may request in addition to premium. It is applicable when when defendant lacks certain criteria. All Collateral are returned once court case is finished.

Q: What is a cosigner(s)?

A: Cosigner(s) is an idividual that

  1. authorize the bail bondsman to execute the bail bond.
  2. Assumes finacial resposbility if defendant does not appear in court.
  3. Assumes finacial resposbility of any unpaid premium.

Q: Who is the Defendant?

A: A defendant for this purpose, is the person locked up needing bail bond.

Q: What if I don't appear in Court?

A: Don't, there will be a re-arrest ordered by the court. There could be a new bond added and Bail Enforcement Agents will be looking for you!

Q: Why so many questions to post a bond?

A: Agencies need to measure the risk! A bail bondsman may only do a bond he/she feels is secured. Liability on a bond is always greater than the potential profit.

Q: Bondsmen really work 24/7 ?

A: Yes! On call 24 hours 7 Days a week. Including Holidays!

Q: How long do I have to pay my balance?

A: Is up to the bail bondsman, but for sure not more than 15 months from the date of bond out. Exceed that time frame and you will find yourself in Civil court.

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